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Challenge 2

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Hosting a range of multi-media content in one place

A growing challenge for companies is hosting a wide range of multi-media content across different devices. You can never be sure of what content is in circulation and on which device.

Even now, you find some KAMs or sales reps still carrying around laptops and hard copy materials, struggling to focus and convey the right message during the precious little time they get in front of a customer.

Even those with newer technology, such as iPads, sometimes still have to open different materials and resources across emails, apps and software tools, often causing delays and making them seem unprofessional.

The more hardware and software you have to monitor and maintain, the more expensive and time consuming it can be – and, of course, adding complexity further increases the risks to managing compliance.

To address this and be effective and compliant with your materials, you need to be able to host different multi-media content in a single place that your full team can rely on.

They should be able to access it quickly, within one single application and know that the material they are viewing is compliant and the most up‑to‑date version.

These materials also need to be available regardless of where your team is using them. No‑one wants to see ‘no network connection’ when trying to get to a critical piece of supporting data. If your materials are not available without an internet connection, then you are limiting your team.

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