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Don't let fines drain your resources

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Manage internal and external material compliance.

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Approved Content

Ensure teams can only access the latest approved content.

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Manage a full range of multi-media content on one app/device.

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Security and Hosting

Congrego is comprised of two elements, the web app and the .net content management system. Each instance is hosted on a private AWS server with user accounts management by industry leading AWS Cognito.

All aspects of Congrego have been rigorously checked to ensure compliance with the pharmaceutical industry, data and privacy requirements.

Getting Started

A step by step guide to explain how we would implement Congrego in your business.

Select each step to find out more.

In this free consultation (face-to-face or WebEx) we’ll review your business requirements and present the solutions that Congrego offers.
Following our consultation we’ll provide a final quote and license agreement based on your company size and number of required accounts.
Our marketing team will work with you to customise your app with your own name and logo.
We’ll work with your teams to upload all your existing materials in the correct formats, for the right teams.
We’ll provide training materials and face-to-face training for head office staff ensuring you’re fully trained on the features and functionality.
You’ll then be ready to launch and we’ll be with you every step of the way.
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Congrego is fully approved and in use by leading pharmaceutical companies

Origin & Credentials

Congrego was developed in partnership with Iguazu.

Iguazu have been a leading UK and EU agency for over 15 years working with a full range of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies including the likes of Sanofi, MSD and Roche.

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  • Sanofi Logo
  • Roche Logo
  • Merck Logo
  • Daiichi-Sanko Logo
  • Jazz Pharmacuticals Logo
  • EUSA Pharma Logo
  • Thermo Fisher Logo